Girls night in

Thanks to a fabulous party this weekend, I now have four new favourite things! I had a few ladies over to look at jewellery made by the lovely Jackie Tuvey-Smith from Tuveys Trinkets and a few (ha) drinks.


The jewellery Jackie brought over was gorgeous and most of my time was spent persuading Rebecca that she couldn’t buy everything! As it was, I think she now has more jewellery than Claire’s! I did buy myself a really nice birdcage necklace and……. Some minion earrings! Now not only can I make minions, I can wear them!

I did use the opportunity to try out the cake balls mentioned earlier. They were delicious and I will definitely be making them again. I made lemon and coconut, chocolate and almond and plain chocolate as well as hazelnut sponge petit fours. They came out looking great although I didn’t use cake mix as I find it easier to make my own cakes. I made the cakes the day before so they had the opportunity to completely cool and they worked well.



As my mum had come over, we decided to make a night of it with wine and cocktails! I discovered that limoncello makes wonderful cocktails that just taste like lemonade! Unfortunately, they are very strong. We were so taken by them we never did get round to the piña coladas. I feel another party coming on just as excuse to make piña coladas and more cake balls 😄

My last new favourite thing was a present from Jackie.


It certainly helped with the morning after! ☺

On a craft note, the party and subsequent consequences meant not much crafting was done this weekend. I have started the lace on the Cat among the Seabirds shawl and the minion is nearly done.


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